"City Hall is broken. We need a new direction—an innovative, bold and progressive vision for Oakland. Join me, let’s make a change in Oakland.

-Bryan Parker

Current Endorsements

Understanding Oakland’s Budget: Unfunded Pension and Healthcare Liabilities, Yes, but Gentrification Must Also Be Addressed

In any budget process there are many competing interests. Resolving these conflicts and arriving at a balanced budget is more art than science, involves trade-offs, and in the end, always involves prioritization. Here, I will narrowly deal with pension, health care and gentrification and how they impact Oakland’s next budget. I will first look at the numbers to understand how underfunded we are as it relates to our pensions and health care retiree benefits. Once done, I will examine and compare them to the gentrification issue to understand whether the interplay of the two could lead to possible budget solutions.

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Story of Inner-City Violence Too Often Ignores Poverty

The violence in Baltimore and other communities is easily misconstrued as a race war. It is not. It is a war about poverty. And the peaceful protester seek to say: True equality dictates that equal investments in education, economic development and jobs must be made in the inner cities if they are to escape poverty.

To be clear, there is a powerful narrative that sanctity for black life is lacking in America. That the deeper issue of poverty continues to be ignored, only compounds the problem.

Don Perata Endorses Bryan Parker for Mayor

Original article posted by the Post News Group on October 29, 2014. Read it HERE. In the closing days of the mayor’s race, supporter of Bryan Parker for mayor video endorsement from California State Senate Pro Tempore Don Perata. […]

Ranked Choice and Vote by Mail FAQ

Ranked Choice FAQ Q: What is Ranked Choice Voting? A: Ranked-Choice Voting or “Instant Run-Off Voting,” allows voters to rank up to three candidates, in order of preference, when marking their ballots. Ranked-choice voting eliminates the need for […]

Confused by Ranked-Choice Polls?

Many of you may have heard that the same old City Hall Insiders are leading the polls to become the next Mayor of Oakland. We are writing today to 1) let you know that nothing could be further from the truth 2) clear up any misperceptions that have been created by these polls and 3) let you know how you can bring real change to Oakland.

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Chronicle Recommends Bryan Parker for Oakland Mayor

Our choice in this field is Bryan Parker, a business executive and port commissioner who possesses a nice blend of economic acumen, interpersonal skills, and appreciation of the causes and effects of what all top challengers list as a No. 1 priority: crime. He rightly cited a “crisis in leadership” at City Hall and pledged to “show up with my lunch bucket” to instill a “complete culture change” in the bureaucracy.

Invest Today for a Better Tomorrow

Dear Friends and Fellow Oaklanders, With our next fundraising deadline tonight at midnight, please support us right now with a donation of $50, $75 […]

West Oakland Wants Change

Dear Friends and Fellow Oaklanders, This past Saturday, Bryan and I celebrated the rich history of West Oakland’s McClymonds High School at their annual all-class alumni reunion at deFremery Park. Though not “Mack” alumni ourselves, we felt the […]

City Hall Says No to Calls to Address Oakland Safety Crisis

I am writing with an update to my call of a week ago for the Mayor and City Council to call an emergency meeting to address the current safety crisis. My letter was greeted with the answer of no. The reason given was “The unfortunate incidents of last weekend certainly created a bad situation in terms of stretching the Police Department too thin, but the convergence of random events on that particular weekend was unusual and unpredictable”…..and therefore do not constitute an emergency. I could not disagree more.


Celebrating Oakland Pride

As we stand together for the civil rights deserved by all people, we continue to send the message that Oakland is a place for tolerance, unity, and respect. For those who have known me for many years and those who have or will come to know me through this election, you know that these are values I hold deeply personal and will lead with should I be elected your next mayor of Oakland.

Announcing the Bryan Parker Two Cities Tour

For too long, Oakland – our nation’s shining example of diversity – has been too easily divided by City Hall leaders. City Hall has failed to unite us from the Hills to the Flats, from East to West Oakland. This past week we launched “The House Divided” video, which has received wide acclaim for its “visually stunning” ability to highlight the division and ineffectiveness in City Hall, yet the resilient beauty of Oakland.


Contra Costa Times Op-ed: Oakland Candidate Parker Looks Good for City

Recently, I had an opportunity to listen to some candidates for Oakland mayor. Bryan Parker was one of them, and I was impressed.

Finally, not a politician. Well educated, has a law and business management background, and he is a member of the Oakland Port Commission, a vital income producer for Oakland.

Bryan Parker Statement on June 30 Fundraising Totals

But more important than money raised is the fact that our message is resonating. Everywhere we turn – in the flats or the hills, North Oakland, the Lower Bottoms, or East Oakland, Oaklanders tell us they are hungry for change.

Hillary Clinton’s Visit: Oakland Too Important to Fail

Presumed 2016 Democratic Presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, visited Oakland today. She spoke at noon at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. As part of a literacy campaign sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, former Secretary Clinton spoke to the importance of parents talking, singing and reading to their young children. The broader message Secretary Clinton’s visit signals to the nation is that Oakland is important to the national conversation.

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Welcome Superintendent Antwan Wilson

None of us in Oakland city leadership can solve the city’s problems alone. Partnering with OUSD and major education stakeholders to achieve high performing public schools is one of the four key education priorities I would pursue as mayor. Additionally, I would work with OUSD leadership to increase graduation rates, support African American and Hispanic male achievement, and obtain and create new funding streams.

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Oakland’s Billion Dollar Opportunity

We have the opportunity to bring more than a billion dollars of investment and thousands of jobs to Oakland. Part of my economic plan, as Mayor, is to make this vision a reality. The first step in this process was Vator Splash Oakand.

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San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland Mayor Candidate Bryan Parker Sees Bitcoin Paying Off

For Oakland mayoral candidate Bryan Parker, technology is a solution to many of the East Bay city’s woes. Parker, who entered the tech industry over a decade ago as senior director of finance at security software firm iPass, sees bitcoin as a way to address poverty and crowdfunding as a means of increasing financing for civic development. He favors analytics to maximize the efficiency of Oakland’s understaffed police force and improve education in the city’s classrooms.

Education on Crime in Oakland

Education on Crime in Oakland

Dear Supporters, It is important that we honor the victims of crime in Oakland. Whether the crime is a violent one, robbery or murder we must show compassion. Compassion alone, however, is not enough. Making Oakland safer will take […]


Oakland: Robbery Capital of America?

Recently, two events have occurred that will directly affect Oakland’s future. First, Oakland Chief of Police, Howard Jordan, announced his retirement. Only two days later, his replacement, Interim Oakland […]

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