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"City Hall is broken. We need a new direction—an innovative, bold and progressive vision for Oakland. Join me, let’s make a change in Oakland.

-Bryan Parker

Bryan Parker Statement on June 30 Fundraising Totals

But more important than money raised is the fact that our message is resonating. Everywhere we turn – in the flats or the hills, North Oakland, the Lower Bottoms, or East Oakland, Oaklanders tell us they are hungry for change.

Hillary Clinton’s Visit: Oakland Too Important to Fail

Presumed 2016 Democratic Presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, visited Oakland today. She spoke at noon at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. As part of a literacy campaign sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, former Secretary Clinton spoke to the importance of parents talking, singing and reading to their young children. The broader message Secretary Clinton’s visit signals to the nation is that Oakland is important to the national conversation.

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Welcome Superintendent Antwan Wilson

None of us in Oakland city leadership can solve the city’s problems alone. Partnering with OUSD and major education stakeholders to achieve high performing public schools is one of the four key education priorities I would pursue as mayor. Additionally, I would work with OUSD leadership to increase graduation rates, support African American and Hispanic male achievement, and obtain and create new funding streams.

preparing youth for technology jobs in oakland

Oakland’s Billion Dollar Opportunity

We have the opportunity to bring more than a billion dollars of investment and thousands of jobs to Oakland. Part of my economic plan, as Mayor, is to make this vision a reality. The first step in this process was Vator Splash Oakand.

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San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland Mayor Candidate Bryan Parker Sees Bitcoin Paying Off

For Oakland mayoral candidate Bryan Parker, technology is a solution to many of the East Bay city’s woes. Parker, who entered the tech industry over a decade ago as senior director of finance at security software firm iPass, sees bitcoin as a way to address poverty and crowdfunding as a means of increasing financing for civic development. He favors analytics to maximize the efficiency of Oakland’s understaffed police force and improve education in the city’s classrooms.

Education on Crime in Oakland

Education on Crime in Oakland

Dear Supporters, It is important that we honor the victims of crime in Oakland. Whether the crime is a violent one, robbery or murder we must show compassion. […]


Oakland: Robbery Capital of America?

Recently, two events have occurred that will directly affect Oakland’s future. First, Oakland Chief of Police, Howard Jordan, announced his retirement. Only two days later, his replacement, Interim Oakland Police Chief, Anthony Toribio, announced that he too would be leaving the position. Second, […]

People over politics

People plus passion equals progress